11 Ekim 2011 Salı

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Kendinden emilir piyasada her zaman yüksek sesle bir mikrofon ve bir parlak ayna.

Onlar da sorun arasındaki ayrım var ilgi ve ilginç . Bu, kendisi hakkında çok şey umurunda biri ilginç görünmesini en iyi şekilde ilgi olduğunu çıkıyor .
And if you don't see that, if you're not so interested in what others are thinking about, it might be because the best way to market to you is to offer you a shinier mirror and a louder microphone...

My friend and colleague Amit Gupta is fighting off leukemia and the twittersphere is lighting up with expressions of support.
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But the support he really needs is for you to get a Q-tip, stick it in your cheek and mail it back. The process is free and you can sign up right here.

The extraordinary thing about marketing is that a million people might see something or hear something or be sold something and only a thousand will actually take action. Even if it's free.

When you look at the long odds on marrow donation, it feels like a bit of a sweepstakes, but backwards. It's easy to fix if we just get everyone (regardless of ethnicity) to register.

How about if we gamify it? Here's the deal: if you are a match for Amit and the marrow donation happens, I'll profile you or the project of your choice on the blog and send you a check for $10,000 for you or the charity of your choice. Winner take all, no purchase necessary, void where prohibited... (Even if you don't win, if you swab we all win). [Updated to reflect a statute I was unaware of: You win the prize if you're the first certified match, but donating is completely up to you. It takes a year for records to be released, but I'm good for it. If this still doesn't pass muster, the prize goes to charity. And of course, this is an offer from me, not endorsed by any agency or organization, etc.]

If I can be so bold as to suggest a hashtag: #IswabbedforAmit

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